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Zoe Cunningham

Stage, Rosalyn, HENNA NIGHT, Mind Engagement Productions, 

Mairead Reynolds

Olivia Rose David

Stage, Katie, THE GODMOTHER, West Avenue Theatre Company, Laura Garnier

Jenny Brenner

Television, Dr. Heather Smith, EASTENDERS, BBC, Jane Ashmore

Charles Delaney

Feature Film, 'General Wilson', 'REDCON 1', Intense Productions, Chee Keong Cheong

David Gurney

Stage, Benvolio/Prince/Capulet, 

MERCUTIO AND TYBALT, Leaning House, Miriam Higgins

Patrick Whitelaw

Stage, Earl of Gloucester, 

KING LEAR, Little Goblin & Art-Vic, Victor Sobchak & Chris Diacopoulos

Joanna O'Malley

Stage, Ida, JUNIPER MANOR, Gingerline, 

Lauren Partridge

Hamish Stansfeld

Stage, Ulysses, ULYSSES, Action Theatre, 

Rupert Raison