Latest news from BTM

Aidan Creegan

Feature Film, Alejandro, PLASTIC TOYS, Shot Positiv, Paul Harrison

Sandra Mills

Commercial, Customer (featured), BURGER KING, BBH London, Adam and Dave

Tia Costell

Commercial, First Time Buyer, 247 BLINDS, Fresh Cut Creative, Andy Daly

Internet, Girl Music Feature, LOVENSE, Apricot Video Marketing

Andre Lecointe

Stage, Dennis/Oscar, SWEET TALK, Missing Pieces, Anton Phillips

Faye Bishop

  Film, Psychical Research Attendee, THE IMPARTED PATTERN, Angeliki Myrto Farmaki

Rachel Richards

Commercial, Hand Model, GOLDSMITHS JEWELLERS, Nemorin Creative, Juan Leon

Commercial, Mum, PET HEALTH CLUB, Trust Productions, Hamish Kay

Selina Hotwani

Feature Film, Jazz, BADLA, Red Chillies Entertainment, Sujoy Ghosh

Shivi Hotwani

Commercial, Creative Team Member, SANTANDER, Another Film Company, Declan Lowney

Commercial, Boyfriend, TAPI CARPETS, Spectrecom Films, Clemence Bartram

Stage, Jayantilal, SEEDS OF SUCCESSION, SVC Theatre Workshop, Deepu Mirpuri

Sean Gittens

Stage, Comedic Actor, GAMEZ, Hoopla, Steve Roe

Ellamae Cieslik

Musical, Erin, HAENDAL ON THE ESTATE, Oval House Theatre - First Bites, (David) John Norton