2023/2024 Credits Screen & Stage

River City - Cast By Dan Jackson 

Gayle Telfer Stevens (Series Reg Since 2016 - Current)

The Play That Goes Wrong - Cast By Jenkins Mcshane

Billie Hamer (LEAD)

Coronation Street - Cast By Gennie Radcliffe

 Laura Littlewood (Semi Reg 2020-Current)

 Before We Die - Cast By Jenny Duffy 

John O'Connor (8EPS)

Masters Of The Air - Cast By Lucy Bevan & Olivia Grant

 Robert Rhodes (3EPS)

 Vaslov Goom (1EP) 

Marcus Christopherson (1EP)

Hey Dolly! - London Palladium - Cast By Pippa Ailion 

Jenni Bowden 

Dead Hot - Cast By Ri McDaid-Wren 

Jaylin Ye (4EPS)

Grime Kids - Cast By Kharmel Cochrane

 Emma Bakare (4EPS)

A Leap In The Dark - New Vic - Cast By Anji Carroll

 Suzanne Ahmet (Lead)

Generation Z - Cast By Des Hamilton

 Suzanne Ahmet (3EPS)

Pitlochry Summer Season 

Connor Going

The Tower - Cast By Karen Lindsay-Stewart & Emily Jacobs Allie Aylott (3EPS)

Pride And Prejudice *Sort Of* - UK Tour - Cast By Sarah Bird 

Lucy Jordan

Funny Woman - Cast By Kelly Valentine Hendry

 Ross Berkeley Simpson (3EPS)

Tina Turner The Musical - The Aldwych - Cast By Pippa Ailion 

Paula Kay (Supporting Lead)

For All Mankind - Cast By Junie Lowry-Johnston & Libby Goldstein 

Constantine Gregory (3EPS)

Dinosaur Live! - World Tour 

Ross Lennon

Emmerdale - Cast By Faye Styring 

Suzanne Ahmet (2EPS) 

Rebecca Eastham (1EP)

The Jungle - St Anne New York - Cast By Julia Horan 

Fedrat Sedat

The Sixth Commandment - Cast By Harkin Toth 

Jon Bard (2 EPS)

Phoenix Rise - Cast By Katy Covell & Ollie Gilbert

 Demelza O'Sullivan (2EPS) 

Ross Berkeley Simpson (1 EP)

Silent Witness - Cast By Andy Brierley 

Paula Kay (2EPS)

David Cramer (2EPS) 

The Crown - Cast By Robert Sterne 

Fred Ledoux (2 EPS)

Sister Boniface Mysteries - Cast By John Cannon 

Bethany Milner (2 EPS Guest Lead)

Paris Has Fallen - Cast By Gary Davy 

Fred Ledoux (2 EPS)

The Witcher - Cast By Sophie Holland 

 Gloria Adereti (2 EPS) 

LUDWIG - Cast By Amy Hubbard 

Suzanne Ahmet (1EP)

The Diplomat - Cast By Orla O'Connor 

Natalie Spence (Guest Lead)

House Of The Dragon - Cast By Kate Rhodes James 

Robert Rhodes (1EP)

Frankie Goes To Bollywood - UK Tour - Cast By Debbie O'Brien Dhruv Ravi 

Witness for The Prosecution - Cast By Ellie Collyer-Bristow 

Sam Finch

Protection - Cast By Amy Hubbard 

John Tueart (1 EP)

Fool Me Once - Cast By Orla Maxwell 

John Tueart (1 EP)

This Town - Cast By Daniel Edwards 

John Tueart (1 EP)

Mythos: Ragnarok - Edinburgh Fringe 

Richard Summers Calvert 

Toxic Town - Cast By Shaheen Baig 

Rosie Steel (1EP)

Spent - Cast By Aisha Bywaters

 Fedrat Sedat (1EP)

Blitz - Cast By Nina Gold 

 Lisa Ronaghan

Outlander - Cast By Suzanne Smith 

Chris Porter (1EP)

An Enemy Of The People - Duke of York - Cast By Jim Carnahan Chris Porter

Dom The Play - Edinburgh Fringe 

Chris Porter (Lead)

Black Cake - Cast By Rose Wicksteed & Sophie Kingston-Smith Jane Paul-Gets (1EP)

Champion - Cast By Daniel Edwards 

Kaira Patki (1EP)

The Choice - Cast By Kelly Valentine Hendry

 Demelza O'Sullivan (1 EP)

Beaumont - Cast By Nina Gold 

Demelza O'Sullivan (1EP)

The Killing Kind - Cast By Daniel Edwards 

Demelza O'Sullivan (1EP) 

Jane Paul-Gets (1EP)

Cinderella - Belgrade Theatre

 Emma Mulkern

Canary Black - Cast By Colin Jones

 Fred Ledoux

Nightsleeper - Cast By Amy Hubbard

 Fred Ledoux (1EP)

A Small Light - Cast By Nanw Rowlands 

Jenn Kirk (1 EP)

The Pendragon Cycle - Cast By David Guglielmo 

Jenn Kirk (1EP) 

The Madame Blanc Mysteries 

Torquil Deacon (1EP)

Doctors - Cast By Gabriella Shimeld-Fenn & Ruby Baker

Dawn Bulter (Semi Reg 2017-2024)

Paula Kay (Guest Lead) 

Fedrat Sedat (Guest Lead) 

Rosie Steel (Guest Lead) 

Torquil Deacon (Guest Lead)

The Diplomat - Cast By Lucinda Syson 

Paula Kay (1EP)

Anansi Boys - Cast By Isabella Odoffin 

Paula Kay (1EP)

Damaged - Cast By Elaine Grainger 

Michael Guest

Much Ado About Nothing - The Watermill Theatre 

Priscille Grace

Dick Whittington - Queens Theatre 

Priscille Grace

Twelfth Night - Shakespeare In The Square - Cast By Jane Frisby 

Priscille Grace

All Creatures Great And Small - Cast By Beverley Keogh 

Antonio Galas (1EP)

Dune 2 - Cast By Dixie Chassay

 Remi Fadare

Criminal Record - Cast By Harkin Toth 

Remi Fadare (1EP)

The Bay - Cast By Kelly Valentine Hendry 

 Siri Ellis (1EP)

Grace - Cast By Daniel Edwards 

 David Cramer (1EP)

Maryland - Cast By Andy Pryor 

Lee Clotworthy (1EP)

We Were The Lucky Ones - Cast By Fiona Weir

 Marcus Christopherson (1EP)

Cobra - Cast By Kelly Valentine Hendry 

Marcus Christopherson (1EP) 

Rebecca Eastham (1EP)

The Beekeeper - Cast By Dan Hubbard 

Millen Brown

A Very English Christmas - Cast By Annelie Powell 

Jenni Bowden

Kandahar - Cast By Dan Hubbard 

Ross Berkeley Simpson

DI RAY - Cast By Isabella Odoffin 

Ross Berkeley Simpson (1EP) 

Dawn Butler (1EP)

Trainspotting - Edinburgh Fringe 

Jake Benson

 Lauren Downie

Of Mice and Men - Birmingham Rep - Cast By Annelie Powell Jake Benson

Alice in Wonderland - The Dukes 

Katie Ball

Boiling Point - Cast By Shaheen Baig & Jonny Boutwood 

Emma Bakare (1EP)

Waterloo Road - Cast By Michelle Smith 

Sofia Asir (1EP)

 Laura Littlewood (1EP)

Sherwood - Cast By Shaheen Baig 

Augustina Amoa (1EP) 

Demelza O'Sullivan (1EP) 

Chris Porter (1EP)

Casualty - Cast By Gemma Hancock  

Suzanne Ahmet (Guest Lead) 

Allie Aylott (Guest Lead)

After The Flood - Cast By Andy Pryor 

Suzanne Ahmet (1EP) 

Millen Brown (1EP)

The Marriage Of Figeuro - Royal Opera House 

Chris Agha

In And Out Of Checkov Short - Southward Playhouse

 Chris Agha

The Kitchen - Cast By Aisha Bywaters

 Gloria Adereti

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